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Sub@omic is a Harpenden-based, cognitive web design and development consultancy. We absolutely LOVE writing website content because we know Google loves words more than you may at first think. Blogging once a month never quite seemed enough so we're embarking on a new challenge to blog almost as much as we tweet! New posts will be announced through our Twitter account but you may also stay up to date with the latest web design news by subscribing to our RSS feed. Sub@omic Web Design Blog - RSS Feed

13. Far Pavilions

Yesterday, in a scene reminiscent of the days of imperial rule and the British Raj, I gave an SEO presentation outside, on the steps of a cricket pavilion. But I didn't have to travel too far - this scene wasn't played-out in India but the near colony of St Albans.…

Steve Whiting - 7th July 2017

12. Dog Star

I have yet to meet anyone that truly enjoys having their photograph taken; the photographs I shot in and around Harpenden last weekend for a website we're building only served to prove the point.…

Steve Whiting - 12th June 2017

11. Keyword Search

Watching great TV ads makes me happy and I get that, in the eyes of some people, this may make me seem like a freak. But, you see, there's so much to learn from TV ads.…

Steve Whiting - 5th June 2017

10. You've Gotta Give It To Digital

Today, the old order just conceded to the new way of doing things. Quality, the final refuge of the old way of doing things, finally lost its high ground so now it's time to obsess over fast and cheap.…

Steve Whiting - 2nd June 2017

9. When The **IT Hits The Fan

This morning a Virgin Media engineer turned-up, postcard in-hand, at the door of Old Batford Mill to tell me that the Internet would be switched-off for a couple of hours.…

Steve Whiting - 1st June 2017

8. For Anything Else Press Zero

I have a sales prospect who never answers the phone, I bet his phone system alerts him to the fact that it's me calling and so he lets my call go to voicemail.…

Steve Whiting - 31st May 2017

7. Hard Day's Night

I don't know it all and some of my best ideas have been other people's. This has proven to be especially true when it comes to designing and developing Web Diffusion, our exclusive website management system.…

Steve Whiting - 30th May 2017

6. Selfie Portrait

You're writing the copy for your own website but you won't get it right first time, no-one ever does. Right now you have a thing or two to learn from the old masters.…

Steve Whiting - 29th May 2017

5. Have A Cookie

Hello, and welcome to Website Users' Anonymous. Today we're going to be talking about cookies and the first thing I want you to know is that it's OK for you to say: 'I have no idea what the cookies I'm accepting are'. Now breathe; you're amongst friends. Time to care and share with the group.…

Steve Whiting - 26th May 2017

4. The Legal Challenge With Google

A question we're asked frequently, just after a website launches, is 'How long will it take my new website to get a number one rank on Google?'. The answer's not straight forward and the barriers to a number one rank are not always easy to hurdle. Thankfully, however, that's not always the case.…

Steve Whiting - 25th May 2017